About Us

The Making of SNEED!

SNEED has bit of history in it – well 1 year of history is what we would call it as. As we embarked onto our entrepreneurial journey during our first venture, we grappled with some cliché hiccups and also some uncalled for struggles- getting an office space, taking important conference calls from home and from our car, presenting to the client over skype in 5Mbps speed, scheduling important meetings at coffee shops where we spent more on coffee/ beer/sandwiches than what we earned in initial months.

  • Flexibility:

    We can work from wherever we were located. Locating places in various parts of the city that provides workspaces on temporary basis would have helped.

  • Space within our budget:

    Who would want to spend a bomb on rent and paying those 10 months security deposit when you just start on your own? Identifying a place that’s reasonably priced and comes without a pre-requisite minimum deposit would be a boon if at all it exists!

  • Networking:

    Meeting people we already knew was not enough, we needed more! How do we find those right people and brainstorm on our ideas instead of working from a confined place day in and day out.

  • Ease in finding:

    Yes, we did have an option of scanning advertisements across many media sources, calling them up, visiting the place and then negotiating. But this was not the deal for which we left our ‘ideal’ career for, or was it? Of course not!

  • Amenities:

    Decision around Wifi- what speed/ which operator, who will be the caretaker of office, who will supervise cleaning, how to remember paying those monthly bills.

  • Facilities:

    Isn’t doing all this for your home anyway a hassle. We could not bear to do the same… although the dismissal did us more good than we could imagine!

    The Founders Speak: