The demand for commercial space on rent has risen exponentially in recent times. There is a change in the definition of office spaces on rent. Coworking spaces are becoming a mandate for freelancers, start-ups and small businesses alike. When there are so many who are opting for this low cost, low maintenance, plug and play concept, one has to deliver a furnished space that wows its clients. We are here to help you do just that!

7 secrets to creating an awesome working space in India

1. Experimenting with the space at hand

Whether you have a large space that you want to convert to a coworking space or a relatively smaller one you have to make sure that there is proper utilization of space. You can experiment with designing spaces that can be altered as per convenience. This can be achieved by putting up retractable walls, for example, or putting up tables that can be easily moved from their places, such that they can be joined to form a larger working desk or smaller ones if needed. Proper and ample distribution of electrical points and outlets should be done. It is better to avoid oversized rooms as they may be the most underutilized. Many of our office spaces in Bangalore have some remarkable space applications.

2. Providing Essential Amenities

People are a sucker for freebies or getting something at subsidised rates. As a coworking space owner, you must make sure you provide all the essential office amenities and more to your clients. Things like high-speed WiFi connection, printing and copying facilities, audiovisual room with a projector, whiteboards and TV are often some of the most basic services that a plug and play office should provide. Essentially your space should also have a pantry that is more than just a kitchen slab with a coffee maker and a microwave. The kitchen area should be a place that helps people to relax and unwind. Some places offer complimentary beverages as a part of the deal.

3. Balancing the Public and Private. 

You should be able to strike a balance between the open coworking areas and private rooms/cabins. There shouldn’t be too much open space so that there is no privacy nor should there be only private chambers. Tenants should have the option of opting for working in an informal lounge-like setting like an area marked by bean bags or low seating or to be able to have a quiet one on one with their team members when it is a confidential matter. There should be a variety of space types like large and small meeting rooms and training rooms, open desks, hot desks as well as private workstations. A good coworking space caters to the needs of all.

4. Quirky and Inspiring Interiors

The way a place is designed and the look and feel of a place are often one of the top draws as to why people opt for particular office space on rent. gone are the days when people would be comfortable being confined in whitewashed, cream-colored, dull, boring walls. Surroundings that are hip, eccentric, awe-inspiring and unorthodox garner more attention. But one must remember to not overindulge in the design elements, minimalistic is the way to go. Our office spaces in Mumbai have nailed this secret.5. 

5. Nailing the storage problems

If you are able to succeed in providing for even 70% of your tenant’s storage woes, you are doing a good job. Lockers, drawers and other storage facilities are a must in offices and they hold true for coworking spaces too. People need facilities where they can lock up or store their confidential and important documents.

6. Keeping the community entertained

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Keeping up with this saying your coworking space can have a gaming or entertainment zone with either a PlayStation or a foosball table, which the people can resort to when they take a break. Studies show increased productivity when a person is mentally relaxed.

7. Community Management

It is a good idea to keep your coworking community entertained and provide them with instances to interact and collaborate with one another. Interactive sessions, workshops, collective dinners may be organized. Many places also hold open mics and other events on their premises for the benefit of its coworking community. Keeping your coworking community satisfied and what you should aim for. You can read our blog for a better understanding.

Follow these tips and you will have an awesome, sprawling coworking space that will catch the envy of your competitors. So, what are you waiting for, go make your coworking space the talk of the town.

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