New Delhi is one of the most hustling and bustling cities in India. The city is made up of dreams and is one of the oldest business hubs in the country. This is one of the reasons why some of the newest startups and professionals call it home.

The rise of the businesses in the national capital has also led to the growth of coworking spaces in Delhi. The high number of coworking spaces makes it difficult to make a choice when you are looking for a shared office space. we have curated a list of the 10 best coworking spaces in Delhi so that you have an easier time making the right choice for yourself. We have also mentioned the information about how to reach the space without any hassles and the hangout places.


List of Top 10 coworking spaces in Delhi

1. Co-Offiz

This is one of the most ideal coworking spaces if you are a new business that is looking for all the amenities. The staff is quite friendly and you get to work in an ultra-modern coworking space with well-designed interiors. At Co-Offiz, it is more of a family than a community.

Why Is It The Best- Open during the peak business hours, it is suitable for the businesses and freelancers who are working according to the Indian working hours. You can rent a desk by the day or the month. It also provides an option to get a private room even if you want it for a single person only.

Where Is It- Co-Offiz is located in Janakpuri, Delhi.

How To Get There- The metro station is at a walking distance from the office space. The commute is quite easy since it is located in the heart of the city.

After Work Hangout Places- After a typical workday, you can kick back and relax at some of the following places:

  • Factory Bar & Cafe
  • The Beer Cafe
  • Q Bistro Cafe
  • Crossroads Cafe
  • Meraki Cafe and Bar
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2. Awfis

This ultra-modern luxury office space is located in South Delhi and it is at walking distance from the market of Vasant Kunj. Given that the action is all in the markets of South Delhi, you get some of the greatest entertainment and networking opportunities at Awfis.

Why Is It The Best- There are workstations and meeting rooms as well as a terrace where you can go out for a breath of fresh air. The cabins are premium and you also get the flexibility of choosing any desk that you want.

Where Is It- Awfis is located on Mandela Marg in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

How To Get There- Awfis is easily accessible whether you are travelling by metro or bus or any other public transport.

After Work Hangout Places- The markets of South Delhi provide you with a wide range of hangout places like:

  • The Beer Cafe
  • Elf Cafe & Bar
  • Summer House Cafe
  • Cafe Mafioso
  • Coco’s Cafe and Bar
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3. InstaOffice

This is one of the most beautiful and premium coworking places that you will find in South Delhi. The interiors are designed to provide you with as much space as you’d need. You can choose anything from open desks to private cabins depending on what you need.

Why Is It The Best- InstaOffice is home to many fast-growing companies as is the neighbourhood. Some of the best and fastest-growing companies are located in Okhla. You also get access to a fully-equipped reception and you can take full advantage of this plug-and-play workspace.

Where Is It- InstaOffice is located in Okhla Phase-II, Delhi.

How To Get There- You can reach the office space by metro or any other public transport that you can find near your home, although the metro is mostly preferred by the commuters.

After Work Hangout Places- At a walking distance from the office, you will find some of the best cafes and bars like:

  • The Gol Chakkar
  • My Bar Cafe
  • The Beer Cafe
  • Cafe 27
  • Meraki Cafe and Bar
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4. GoHive

GoHive provides you with all the amenities that you will require in a shared office space. You get affordable access to the workplace and you can also rent the meeting rooms by the hour or the day if you do not want to commit for a longer time duration.

Why Is It The Best- The office space has a common room and a recreation space where you can take a breather in your workday. They also have a doctor on call and first aid available in the office for medical emergencies. Each floor has its pantry so that you have the ease of access to your food.

Where Is It- GoHive is located in Ghitorni, New Delhi.

How To Get There- You can reach the office space using the Delhi Metro since the place is well-connected to all the places in the national capital.

After Work Hangout Places- There are some hangout places located right next to the coworking space. These include:

  • Chaayos
  • Cafe We
  • Mangaful Cafe
  • Nirvana Cafe
  • Bhukkad Cafe
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5. SmartWorks

SmartWorks is located in a prime location where the business is quite booming. This means that the commute to and from the office space is quite easy and to compete with the businesses in the area, SmartWorks provides all the amenities to its members.

Why Is It The Best- This is a 24/7 workspace which gives you the flexibility to work at your own time. Another beautiful thing about this workspace is that you can rent the meeting room by the hour whenever you have a number of clients coming in for a presentation.

Where Is It-  SmartWorks is located in Nehru Place, Delhi.

How To Get There- You can take the metro to the office space or bring in your own vehicle. However, if you choose the latter, you will have to pay for the parking in the building.

After Work Hangout Places- After working for the entire day, you can hang out at one of the following places:

  • The Beer Cafe
  • Only Bar Restaurant
  • Cafe 27
  • Uncultured Bar and Restaurant
  • My Bar Cafe
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6. Supreme Cowork

Supreme has all sorts of offices in various shapes and sizes that are available for rent. All the offices are available in various ranges of prices so that you are flexible in terms of affordability. The offices are fully serviced and perfect for executives.

Why Is It The Best- The prices are quite affordable and the interiors are quite tasteful and sophisticated to provide a vibrant atmosphere. Another good thing is that this coworking space is located in a premium business location.

Where Is It- Supreme Cowork is located in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi.

How To Get There- You can reach Supreme Cowork by taking the metro. You can reach Netaji Subhash Place by taking the Red Line or the Shalimar Bagh metro station by taking the Pink Line.

After Work Hangout Places- If you have your own vehicle, you can easily reach the following hangout places:

  • Cafe Taxi
  • Cafe Desire
  • The Beer Cafe
  • Shhooters Cafe and Bar
  • Moh Maya Cafe & Bar
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7. Delhi Co.

This is the most affordable coworking space on the list. The prices have been kept low in order to keep the professionals and businesses focused on spending their money on growth rather than just office expenses. Delhi Co. focuses on creating an environment that is ideal to take any business to the next level.

Why Is It The Best- You can rent a desk for as low as Rs 2900 per month or even go by the hour at Rs 49 per day. Even though the prices are low, you get access to all the basic amenities that are required in an office.

Where Is It- Delhi Co. is located in South Ex 2, South Extension, New Delhi.

How To Get There- The nearest metro station is at a 10-minute walk from the coworking space.

After Work Hangout Places- After a tiring day, you can go relax at some of the places like:

  • Meraki Cafe and Bar
  • My Bar Cafe
  • Coco’s Cafe & Bar
  • 1 Oak
  • Cafe 27
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8. Cowork Delhi

Since this coworking space is located in the heart of the city, it is quite easy to reach from any part of the city. They have quite a lot of offices that can seat businesses with 4 to 60 members at once. They also have a conference room and a meeting room in order to provide you with a place to meet your clients.

Why Is It The Best- The people working at Cowork Delhi have built quite a friendly community, and they are quite welcoming of all the new members. In order to ensure that people grow in the workplace, the management holds many friendly events and workshops every other week.

Where Is It- Cowork Delhi is located in Mayur Vihar, New Delhi.

How To Get There- If you are taking the metro, you can get off at the Mayur Vihar-1 metro station and the coworking space is just a minute’s walk away from the station.

After Work Hangout Places- Some of these places are quite close to this coworking space:

  • The Salt Cafe Kitchen & Bar
  • Red’s Cafe Lounge & Bar
  • Skyhouse Cafe & Bar
  • Uncultured Cafe & Bar
  • Wallstreet Cafe & Lounge
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9. ShareDesk

This is a state-of-the-art coworking space that is built to ensure that your focus is always on the next big thing in your business. This place was founded for the curious and hardworking entrepreneurs who value the amenities that are given to them.

Why Is It The Best- Everything is included with the membership plan, from free coffee to a high-speed internet connection. You get a lot of networking opportunities here since the likeminded tend to flock together in one place.

Where Is It- ShareDesk is located in Nehru Place, New Delhi.

How To Get There- You can take the metro and get off at the Nehru Place metro station for a short walk to the office space.

After Work Hangout Places- Some of these social hangout places are located within a couple of kilometres from the office space:

  • Uncultured Cafe & Bar
  • The Gol Chakkar
  • Chumbakia Cafe & Bar
  • The Beer Cafe
  • Only Bar Restaurant
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10. Workingdom

This is a fairly new coworking space, having opened its doors just last month. The newness of this place ensures that you get all the latest amenities that are up to date with today’s technologies. The place has a lot of character on the inside and will provide you with a vibrant office environment.

Why Is It The Best- This coworking space has a visitor management system which keeps track of all the people coming in and out of the place. The furniture is also quite ergonomic and there is ample natural light in the office space that keeps the environment bright.

Where Is It- Workingdom is located in Dwarka, New Delhi.

How To Get There- You can take the metro or any other public transport and easily reach here.

After Work Hangout Places- The following places are located quite near to the coworking space:

  • Cafe After Hours
  • Three Turns Cafe & Bar
  • Elf Cafe and Bar
  • Barcode Cafe & Bar
  • Uncultured Cafe & Bar
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