Pune is rapidly growing in terms of startups and this has led to the subsequent rapid growth of the coworking spaces as well. This has led to a lot of confusion for the people who want to select a coworking space.

The people who are just starting out in business have a hard time coping with everything at once but having a coworking space will lead to a distribution of the responsibility to the management of the office space. Check out the coworking spaces in Pune and the information about how to reach the space easily without any hassles and the hangout spaces near the office.

List of Top 10 coworking spaces in Pune

1. Awfis

Awfis provides an office address in a prestigious IT park but at affordable prices. The scenery is quite good since you get the view of the mountains with lush green trees from your window. Having a pollution-free environment to work in boosts productivity.

Why Is It The Best- Energy levels are elevated when you have a semi-urban place to work in since you are always connected to nature.  Awfis is also quite close to all the major landmarks like banks and markets that you might require on a daily basis.

Where Is It- The office spaces of Awfis are located in the IT Park in Hinjewadi, Pune.

How To Get There- Public transport is quite easily accessible from the coworking space and you are just a minute away from the local bus stop.

After Work Hangout Places- You can hangout at restaurants like Mezza9, Sannidhi, Krish, and The Black World India. You can also visit the local cafes like CCD, Marina Cafe, Season Cafe, or Cafe Plus.

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2. WeWork Futura

Teams of all sizes can find a home in the office spaces of WeWork Futura. The workspaces are designed in a beautiful way and everything has a touch of modernity to it. Since Awfis is a national chain of Coworking spaces, you can find all the amenities that you want here. The management is also quite effective and quick to respond to all issues.

Why Is It The Best- The offices are quite sleek and connected to a central system. The lounge is also filled with amenities and comfort so that you have a place to relax between your workloads. You can also get a private room here that can seat up to 20 people at once.

Where Is It- WeWork Futura is located in Hadapsar, Pune at Magarpatta Road.

How To Get There- The Spring Valley Bus Stop is just a five-minute walk away from the office building which makes the commute quite easy for a daily basis.

After Work Hangout Places- Amanora Park for outdoor events, and the Kiva Brew Pub for its happy hours. There are also many shops and restaurants at Magarpatta City that allow for a nice passage of time.

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3. Innov8

This was the first coworking space in Pune and everything that you see in the industry in Pune is all credited to the success of Innov8 in Amanora Mall. This office space can seat up to 1400 people at once and it is set in the prime real estate district of Pune.

Why Is It The Best- The furniture is quite ergonomic to provide you with maximum comfort levels while you stress over your work. There is quite a lot of beautiful artwork in the coworking space that allows for a fresher mindset while you work. It is also quite close to the Pune International Airport which makes it ideal for conferences and events.

Where Is It- Innov8 is located in the Amanora Mall in Hadapsar, Pune.

How to Get There- There is public transport available that goes up to the Amanora Mall and if you are travelling from out of town, you can also catch a flight and then reach the nearby Pune International Airport.

After Work Hangout Places- Amanora Mall, Viman Nagar, Aditi Garden, Amanora Lake, Seasons Mall.

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4. 91Springboard

91Springboard boasts of a hassle-free setup for all its members. The thing that sets it apart from the rest is that it provides a pay-per-use plan for the people who want a little more flexibility and a lot less commitment. The workspaces are open and bright that allow for an increased productivity.

Why Is It The Best- You get pan-India access with your membership and there are no hidden costs as well. The 24-hour access to the workplace also gives you the freedom to work at any time that you feel comfortable. The meeting rooms are enabled with the latest technologies and there is a gaming zone to relax in as well.

Where Is It- 91Springboard is located in Yerwada, Pune.

How To Get There- The Pune International Airport is 3.7 kilometres away from the coworking space and you can easily get to the office space by bus or by auto since it is located right in the heart of the city.

After Work Hangout Places- There are a lot of pubs and eateries around 91Springboard like Retox, Hop-in, The Irish House, CCD, Cafe Goodluck, The Caffix, and many more.

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5. Indiqube vascon almonte

Working in Indiqube vascon almonte ensures that you are quite near to all the important business centres and tech parks. This comes in quite handy when you are getting clients to visit you from around in the city. It also provides an opportunity when want to get mentored by various other professionals in your field.

Why Is It The Best- There is an outdoor area as well in the coworking space which allows for a breath of fresh air when you are working the whole day. The interiors are quite well-designed and give a vibe of luxury and comfort.

Where Is It- Indiqube Vascon Almonte is located in Kharadi, Pune.

How To Get There- There is a bus stop in Kharadi which is less than a kilometre away from the coworking space. This makes the commute quite easy for people who have to travel on a daily basis.

After Work Hangout Places- Texas Tower, Spice Factory, Fly High, FML Lounge, Effingout and many more places are all quite near Indiqube Vascon Almonte.

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6. The Hive

The Hive is famous all over India for its premium and seamless services for coworking spaces. With over 50,000 sq ft of space allotted to the coworking space, you can expect to be quite comfortable regardless of the size of your company.

Why Is It The Best- You get free access to the meeting room which can seat up to 15 people at once. Apart from that, you can also get private rooms that can seat up to 20 people at once. The place is open 24 hours a day and you get access to the pantry and cafeteria as well.

Where Is It- The Hive is located in Sangamvadi, Pune.

How To Get There- There are a lot of buses stops near The Hive which makes it quite easy to commute to and from The Hive. The Pune Junction is also quite near the coworking space for the people who want to travel by train.

After Work Hangout Places- There are many classy pubs around The Hive like the British Barrel Club and The Mugshot Lounge. You can also spend your time at the nearby cafes which include CCD, Cafe Peter, and Vohuman Cafe.

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7. SmartWorks

If you are looking for spacious and well-designed coworking spaces that can provide you with all the required facilities, look no further than SmartWorks. The proximity of the hotels also allows for staying in options if your clients are visiting from out of town.

Why Is It The Best- Baner is the social hub of Pune and SmartWorks is located in close proximity to many eateries and pubs. The design of the Coworking space is also such that the productivity of the members is highly boosted. They even have a gym in the building in order to ensure that you do not waste much time in the commute and can hit the gym after your work.

Where Is It- SmartWorks ASTP is located in Baner, Pune.

How To Get There- There are two bus stops just minutes away from the coworking space. Travelling by train can be quite tedious because the train stops are quite far away from Baner.

After Work Hangout Places- There are many pubs and bars like Effingut, Orion Rooftop Bar, and Merlin’s Bar for you to hangout in after your work. Some of the highly rated cafes like Beach Town Cafe, CCD, Cafe Peter, and Cafe Creme are also in the area.

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8. Kontor Space

Kontor Space is open six days a week and they have a rather small setup when compared to some of the other names on this list. However, there are many things that make this space rather special and worthy of mention here on our list.

Why Is It The Best- If you are not sure of how many hours you would be working in a day, you can always opt for an hourly rate so that you can be a little more flexible with your work hours. The general area with the open desks also allows for a lot of social activity since the desks are placed rather closely.

Where Is It- Kontor Space is located in Fatima Nagar, Pune.

How To Get There- There are two bus stops for local buses just a minute away from the Coworking space. The train station is just five kilometres away from Kontor Space.

After Work Hangout Places- You can hangout at Cafe 1730, Anonymous Cafe Bar, Classic Rock Cafe, or Cafe Eastwood after you are done with your work.

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9. Bootstart

Bootstart is located far away from the noise of the city in a residential area. The clients of this place are rather niche and everyone is humble and open to the discussion of ideas. You get all the amenities that you could possibly require and you get the support of your peers as well.

Why Is It The Best- This is a plug-and-play workspace and you get all the modern and pleasant spaces that you require. The support of professionals from every industry also comes in quite handy when you are just starting out your business.

Where Is It- Bootstart is located in Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

How To Get There- The nearest bus stop is at a two-minute walk away from Bootstrap. Alternatively, you can also travel by car since there is a lot of parking space available around the office space.

After Work Hangout Places- One of the most popular places for hangout here is Cafe Columbia since it is quite near to the coworking space. People also hangout at the Cafe 1730, Classic Rock Cafe, and Elephant and Co Gastropub.

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Trios is always focused on making sure that their clients are happy. Their prices are quite affordable and the place is also quite easy to locate. They always try to ensure that the work environment is up to the standards and the setup is quite easy as well since all you have to do is bring your laptop and start working.

Why Is It The Best- The best thing about TRIOS is that the deposit is 100% refundable if you feel that you are not sure about working here. The agreement is also quite hassle-free and the terms are quite easy to understand.

Where Is It- TRIOS is located in Viman Nagar, Pune.

How To Get There- The nearest bus stop is located five minutes away from the coworking space near Dutta Mandir Chowk. If you have a vehicle of your own, you should take it to the office space since there is a lot of parking space available.

After Work Hangout Places- Classic Rock Cafe, Anonymous Cafe Bar, Cafe 1730, Cafe Tavern, and Cafe Hormuz all lie within walking distance of Trios.

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