You must be familiar with the saying, “great things come in small packages”? Now in a world that possesses individuals, who are bursting with a promise to magnify science and technology only to make lives easier, might just hold this as their success mantra. With everything and not just the value of money blooming in multi-folds over a couple of decades, there is almost a lack of time in the hands of these multifaceted individuals. These people are not just degree holders, but scientists who explore and learn within the realm of innovation. Travelling from one end of the globe to the other, plotting secrets and game plans that spell success, these people cannot be restricted to just one office space.

Now, when there are these superheroes constantly on the run to innovate and surprise, there are another set of pioneers who have created a cult called ‘coworking’!

What started with standard nine to five jobs and sometimes even further erratic time table based work patterns, now has shifted its hindsight to something more fun and easier to accept.

Co-working, working alone – yet in a team!

Co-working, working alone – yet in a team!

The office away from the office – What exactly are they?

Co-working spaces, very aptly explained would mean the flag bearers of tomorrows multinationals. These are locations that are now across the globe where a young entrepreneur may meet an investment banker; find a coding marvel that has a friend, a major in operations and a digital marketer, all at one table, creating ventures over coffee or freshly baked cookies! Proving to be as magical as they sound, coworking space has crept up simultaneously with the start-up work culture. From proving the basic amenities such as a projector, meeting rooms, whiteboards, undisrupted Wifi to other requisites based on the customer needs, these workspaces provide the ideal location for brainstorming sessions.

The Perks of Co-Working

Asset for migrating entrepreneurs:

With the start-up culture running up and in the for-front, finding like-minded individuals is nothing less than an asset. For an entrepreneur who is always on a lookout for development, finance and opportunities, worrying about work ambience should be the last thing to irk the mind.

Amenities and essentials on the go:

One of the basic necessities for any individual is to have an ideal work environment and that is provided at these tailor-made working paces. They provide the basic work essentials and ergonomics that are obligatory for professionals and the likes. From whiteboards to projectors and screens, the basic work amenities are basic essentials that are provided at these workspaces.

Flexibility to innovate:

You might want to play around with those post-its while jotting down your important pointers and fill your work desk with it, but then at your Boss’s office, doing so means cleaning it as well the next day! But on the offset, on these workspaces, you can have your desk surrounded with them on one day, and find it fresh as new the next. Flexibility to work, the way you want to work, the time zone you want to follow – are all the freedom you can expect with the blooming coworking culture.

Mentoring and being mentored:

Being liable to listen to someone back at the office might get nagging but to meet people who possess a whole new plethora of knowledge and welcome yours is the refreshing change that is augmented by the coworking culture. Meeting people who engage in a field of work within your professional zone can be a boon in disguise and fetch you customers on the go while you can lay hands upon a service you were on the lookout for without having to venture in search for it.

Workspaces designed to meet your needs:

There could be nothing better than finding an ideal office, in your dream location except for the traveller in you who has his/her dream location vary from time to time. In spite of your placement, to find a meeting room or a conference table, or a simple work desk with some snacks on the go might be exactly what you need from time to time without being restricted to one place or location.

Blooming coworking culture in Bangalore!

Today’s coworking culture that has embedded its roots in our city as well gives us the flexibility we desire with the ergonomics we prioritize. With outstanding services such as plug and play spaces, meeting rooms, training rooms, exclusive office rooms that can be availed on an hourly, daily or monthly basis are no longer a far-fetched dream but a reality.

SNEED a workspace aggregator, another innovation in today’s era of creativity meeting technology, is here to assist you with your ideal workspace in the location of your choice at the time of your preference. It brings at your service a plethora of ideal meeting rooms, workspaces that are available at the time you prefer while you travel around the city creating innovations!

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