There was a time I would watch a movie because I liked the trailer or the star cast. Not anymore. Today, I wait for the reviews – and thanks to YouTube, there are many of them – not just from known critics, but also from those who share my taste in movies. Coming to think of it, it is not just movies, but every other decision these days seems to be based on what other users think of the product or the service –right from buying a game for the PlayStation to the restaurants.

Your workspace is no different. While we find that people love to look at the pictures to gain insights, they often ask us about what it is like to really work out of it. Of course, we are biased, we love you all J but a few words from real users goes a long way in dispelling many misgivings.

At Sneed, we have developed a new tool that allows you to capture the reviews from your users and publish them online. Our system will automatically send out reminders to users booking through Sneed to provide their feedback. However, the application allows even other users to share their experience on the platform. We hope that the feedback will provide clarity to potential customers and will also allow the space partners and us at Sneed to improve our services.

In addition to the reviews, users can also rate their experience on a scale of 5 (5 being highly satisfied). An aggregation of the ratings provided by the users gives us an overall rating which will be displayed against your workspace listing.

So go ahead, share your listing link with your current and past users and seek their feedback and grow your business.


*Sneed moderates all reviews received from users. Reviews that do not meet the publishing standards are liable to be withheld and not published.

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