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Coworking space in Bangalore
Coworking space in Bangalore
Find ideal Coworking space in Bangalore

Coworking is the next big thing to happen in Bangalore following the boom of the start-up culture. Many of us know it, and many of us see it happening every day. For the uninitiated, coworking is the new style of working wherein individuals and small teams work out of temporary workspaces that are often shared with more such individuals and companies.

Coworking saves the user time and money by taking away the formalities associated with the process of typical office space rental. The user no longer has to worry about finding the right place with the right furniture and facilities, or about hefty security deposits. The user need only visit and select the right sort of workspace for their need.

This month, let’s take a look at the three most popular areas in Bangalore where the start-up company trend has struck deep – Koramangala, Indiranagar, and HSR Layout – the latest coworking nest of Bangalore. In these three areas alone, we have discovered 50 different listings that can very well be your next office.

With a starting rent as low as ₹145/day, we’re hoping you’ll feel spoilt for choice with our variety of open desks, meeting rooms, private cabins, training and event spaces.

Here are some popular coworking spaces in Koramangala, Indiranagar, and HSR Layout. Each coworking space is different as they provide a host of services and amenities. Monthly seat rates primarily differ on account of location accessibility, amenities provided and overall community experience they provide.

A. Coworking spaces in Koramangala, Bangalore (listed in alphabetical order):

  1. 91springboard – Starts at Rs 7500/ seat/ month
  2. Aura – Starts at Rs 4500/ seat/ month
  3. Cubic – Starts at Rs 5000/ seat/ month
  4. Incubex – Starts at Rs 7500/ seat/ month
  5. Pep Ideas – Starts at Rs 5500/ seat/ month
  6. Workadda – Starts at Rs 4400/ seat/ month

B. Coworking spaces in Indiranagar, Bangalore (listed in alphabetical order):

  1. Incubex – Starts at Rs 7500/ seat/ month
  2. Nurture Labz – Starts at Rs 5900/ seat/ month
  3. Office – Starts at Rs 7000/ seat/ month
  4. Puma Social Club – Starts at Rs 400/ seat/ day

C. Coworking spaces in HSR Layout, Bangalore(listed in alphabetical order):

  1. Greenbubbles – Starts at Rs 8000/ seat/ month
  2. Incubex – Starts at Rs 7500/ seat/ month
  3. Vijay Coworking – Starts at Rs 4500/ seat/ month
  4. Workshaala – Starts at Rs 7000/ seat/ month

*Note: These rates are indicative only and exclusive of taxes for open desks, the space providers reserve the right over the same and can change these at any point of time.

Of course, there are new spaces opening at these locations everyday and we are adding these awesome spaces daily to provide the widest choice to the users. May be in the next post we will talk about other office spaces available at these locations. Yes, you got it right – Shared Offices are different from Coworking Spaces ! But if you would like to share your office space, please do list with us.

The seats are filling fast – make the most by getting your hands upon the most suited workspace for your business in Bangalore. So what are you waiting for?

300x300, the largest curator of office spaces in Bengaluru brings to you the best of the lot that can be accessed at the click of a button. The space providers enlisted with SNEED come with all the coworking features that can be required for an effective and productive work zone.

How To Make Your Coworking Space COOLER – DIY!



What started as a stand-by use of space, a substitute while you make your plans, has now evolved into an entity of its own. Coworking has created a niche for itself in the scheme of changes in the business world. With an ideal workspace being the need of the hour, many space owners have converted into coworking space providers. Renting out their office space to freelancers, business men and women, students, startup engineers and the likes, they are already making a foundation strong enough for the latest trend in the work culture to flourish.

Although that is said, having an office space big enough might just not be ‘it’ to play ‘host’. A series of other investments seem to be lined up before your space can be tagged as the next coworking hub! Ergonomics, offical stationary, ideal office space that can be shared for coworking, workdesks, cabins… and the list just goes on. But what if there was a way to minimize these expenses?

How about I say yes?!

There are a range of DIY tips and techniques that can be adapted to hike up the cool quotient of your workspace. And that comes not just with minimized expenses but also a spiced up version of a very popular artisan – YOU!

So lets get on with how best we can spark up our workspaces and make them the next in thing for all entrepreneurs – young and old.

 1. Setting Up Some Awesome Wall Decal

Believe it or not, the most economical object that can shoot up the ergonomics of your workspace is playing around with the wall decal. From textures to paints to doing it up with wires, lights, books, just about anything you can lay your hands upon, can give a dramatic and yet a warm effect to create that much needed work environment. Coworking has already become a big hit in the west with the enormous lack of space around. This has encourage workspace providers there to explore decor options with unique styles. With coworking catching up swiftly in India, we can make the most of our office space by giving a slight if not complete detour to the classic professional look.

Wall decal, coworking spaces
Wall decal at a popular coworking space, Jellyfish Cartel in LA. Picture courtesy

2. A Library Of Sorts

Do up that ladder!
Do up that ladder!

Yes! You read it right. A library but only in parts. Stacking a collection of simple business magazines, news papers and books can add that extra detail to your already done up workspace. Simply use a cabinet, shelf or even just a plank and stack up those information banks atop. To add some spark, paint a wooden ladder in bright strokes and place it against the plank. It is going to be a show stopper – have my word for it!

3. Creative Yet Professional

“Your office reflects your personality”! Therefore, there is no rule book that declares the requisites of an office space.

Betahaus Berlin: DIY desks and hanging sockets. (Photo: Carsten Foertsch &
Betahaus Berlin: DIY desks and hanging sockets. (Picture Courtesy: Carsten Foertsch &

Keeping your office space simple and formal or jazzing it up is up to you. Although with the current work environment, coworkers tend to be on a look out for a space that is both warm and welcoming, where they can work in isolation yet also be able to mingle amongst other coworking professionals. Bringing in a wooden flooring with a nested seating or a scattered space setting, colored wall themes or playing around with textures; getting intelligent quotations on cushion covers for a couch or motivational quotes on the meeting room desks. These are just the beginning to the vast realm of options available.

4. Scheduling Office Supplies V/S Stocking

Agreed that we believe in stocking basic necessities in hand rather than struggle in crisis, but sometimes this thought can be challenged. At the least, when we are talking about coworking office spaces. In today’s era of smart buying, space managers can take to online scheduled shopping where in supplies can be scheduled on a monthly basis with a minimal annual fee. Therefore, no more struggling for stretching hours for tasks that can be dealt with much ease. This simple action will reduce a lot of space otherwise used for stocking.

5. Doing It Up With Light

It is a well known fact that lights are one element, that if played with effectively, they can enhance the look of the dullest of spaces. Then why not explore how you can do up your office space or shared desk unit with simple DIY lighting options? Making use of natural sunlight with skylight window if possible can be one great option. There are also many simple DIY solutions to use lights as decorative elements.

Keeping it simple yet elegant as a decorative element.
Keeping it simple yet elegant as a decorative element.
Keeping it simple for the basic use!
Keeping it simple for the basic use!

So these were the few ‘Do It Yourself’ options out of the many out there to spark up your coworking office space. A trend that has already made its mark, coworking is the new ‘in thing’. Make the most of your spare office space, spice it up and let the creative minds use it to ignite awesomeness.

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