The demand for commercial space on rent has risen exponentially in the recent times. There is a change in the definition of office spaces on rent. Coworking spaces are becoming a mandate for freelancers, start-ups and small businesses alike. When there are so many who are opting for this low cost, low maintenance, plug and play concept, one has to deliver a furnished space that wows its clients. We are here to help you do just that! Here are 7 secrets to creating an awesome working space in India:



Whether you have a large space that you want to convert to a coworking space or a relatively smaller one you have to make sure that there is proper utilisation of space. You can experiment with designing spaces that can be altered as per convenience. This can be achieved by putting up retractable walls, for example, or putting up tables that can be easily moved from their places, such that they can be joined to form a larger working desk or smaller ones if needed. Proper and ample distribution of electrical points and outlets should be done. It is better to avoid oversized rooms as they may be the most underutilised. Many of our office spaces in Bangalore have some remarkable space applications. (https://sneed.in/spaces-in-bangalore)



People are a sucker for freebies or getting something at subsidised rates. As a coworking space owner, you must make sure you provide all the essential office amenities and more to your clients. Things like high-speed WiFi connection, printing and copying facilities, audiovisual room with a projector, whiteboards and TV are often some of the most basic services that a plug and play office should provide. Essentially your space should also have a pantry that is more than just a kitchen slab with a coffee maker and a microwave. The kitchen area should be a place that helps people to relax and unwind. Some places offer complimentary beverages as a part of the deal.



You should be able to strike a balance between the open coworking areas and private rooms/cabins. There shouldn’t be too much open space so that there is no privacy nor should there be only private chambers. Tenants should have the option of opting for working in an informal lounge-like setting like an area marked by bean bags or low seating or to be able to have a quiet one on one with their team members when it is a confidential matter. There should be a variety of space types like large and small meeting rooms and training rooms, open desks, hot desks as well as private workstations. A good coworking space caters to the needs of all.



The way a place is designed and the look and feel of a place are often one of the top draws as to why people opt for a particular office space on rent. gone are the days when people would be comfortable being confined in whitewashed, cream coloured, dull, boring walls. Surroundings that are hip, eccentric, awe-inspiring and unorthodox garner more attention. But one must remember to not overindulge in the design elements, minimalistic is the way to go. Our office spaces in Mumbai have nailed this secret (https://sneed.in/spaces-in-mumbai).



If you are able to succeed in providing for even 70% of your tenant’s storage woes, you are doing a good job. Lockers, drawers and other storage facilities are a must in offices and they hold true for coworking spaces too. People need facilities where they can lock up or store their confidential and important documents.




All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Keeping up with this saying your coworking space can have a gaming or entertainment zone with either a PlayStation or a foosball table, which the people can resort to when they take a break. Studies show increased productivity when a person is mentally relaxed.





It is a good idea to keep your coworking community entertained and provide them with instances to interact and collaborate with one another. Interactive sessions, workshops, collective dinners may be organized. Many places also hold open mics and other events in their premises for the benefit of its coworking community. Keeping your coworking community satisfied and what you should aim for. You can read our blog https://sneed.in/blog/top-7-advantages-of-coworking-spaces/ for a better understanding.



Follow these tips and you will have an awesome, sprawling coworking space that will catch the envy of your competitors. So, what are you waiting for, go make your coworking space the talk of the town.

Why Should You Share Your Office?

Why share your office

Why share your office

In the previous blogs, we established that coworking is now a happening trend among many entrepreneurs in India, the same way it is among millions of entrepreneurs around the rest of the world. And ‘that’ is a very good thing!

For the typical entrepreneur, being cooped up in a lonely office cubicle or being confined to the view of the same four walls of one’s home isn’t an idea of a perfect work environment. How can it ever be, if the environment is going to consist of nagging bosses or a television?

If you’re a free-thinker who’s hearing a distant bell ringing in your head while reading these lines, coworking is probably the right choice for you too. Here’s why you should share your office space with similar minds like you, starting right now!

The people you meet at a coworking space are usually entrepreneurs just like you and are likely to share the same views and principles as yours. This helps you create better ideas and get opinions from those who have similar ideologies.

Flexibility in office hours
With a coworking space, you get to come and go as you please.  No more swiping in and out, no more sticking around till the boss leaves, and certainly no more minimum work hours.

Location location location!
With coworking spaces sprouting up like mushrooms all over the big cities of India, you can choose to work from wherever you like. Saving fuel is just the beginning of how beneficial coworking is!

Fuel for the brain

Most coworking spaces come with a pantry. Here, you can treat yourself to some snacks or spruce yourself up with coffee and tea. Combine that with a simultaneous chat with some friendly faces and you’ve got yourself the perfect office environment.

Free of formalities
Unlike permanent offices where you have to put a few months’ worth security deposit down before you can move in, coworking spaces allow easy rental for days, weeks, or months with barely any paperwork.

If this got you excited  about coworking and you need a place to start, try SNEED – The only place you’ll ever want to go to for a coworking space.

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Traffic Slowing You Down? Try Coworking.

Don't let traffic in the way of your business.

Don't let traffic in the way of your business.

It’s only natural for our city’s roads to be inundated with elegant cars and fast motorcycles when it has earned itself the moniker Silicon Valley of India in a few short years of the startup-company boom. But that was five years ago. These days, the traffic is so heavy that the only view of the ‘valley’ you get before landing at the airport is a carpet of vehicles on every single main road.

To combat heavy traffic, we’re doing everything we can – carpooling, changing work schedules, Skyping most meetings, and riding bicycles. But it’s not nearly enough to solve the problem it seems.

But what if you could choose to sit in any nearby office without actually owning one that is located in the outskirts of the city? What if you could rent out an office as you go? Rent out training rooms and meeting rooms as well? That should solve a lot of time and money, and above all, save you the hassle of formal procedures like deposits and name transfers.

That’s called coworking, and it’s the latest trend in Bangalore that’s going hand-in-hand with the startup-company trend. The idea is that if you’re starting a company, you needn’t worry about owning an office and large team. Instead, you can get work done fast by renting out a temporary office space nearby and pay for it as you go.

Pretty convenient, isn’t it? Instead of sitting long hours in traffic to get to your permanent office that’s tens of kilometres away from where you live, you can make an office come closer to you and your new business. Coworking isn’t a new concept around the world, but in India, it suddenly is, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

This is where SNEED comes into the picture. SNEED is your go-to website for getting a quick workspace no matter where you are in the city. We at SNEED, can help you find the best space for your type of work.

How To Make Your Coworking Space COOLER – DIY!



What started as a stand-by use of space, a substitute while you make your plans, has now evolved into an entity of its own. Coworking has created a niche for itself in the scheme of changes in the business world. With an ideal workspace being the need of the hour, many space owners have converted into coworking space providers. Renting out their office space to freelancers, business men and women, students, startup engineers and the likes, they are already making a foundation strong enough for the latest trend in the work culture to flourish.

Although that is said, having an office space big enough might just not be ‘it’ to play ‘host’. A series of other investments seem to be lined up before your space can be tagged as the next coworking hub! Ergonomics, offical stationary, ideal office space that can be shared for coworking, workdesks, cabins… and the list just goes on. But what if there was a way to minimize these expenses?

How about I say yes?!

There are a range of DIY tips and techniques that can be adapted to hike up the cool quotient of your workspace. And that comes not just with minimized expenses but also a spiced up version of a very popular artisan – YOU!

So lets get on with how best we can spark up our workspaces and make them the next in thing for all entrepreneurs – young and old.

 1. Setting Up Some Awesome Wall Decal

Believe it or not, the most economical object that can shoot up the ergonomics of your workspace is playing around with the wall decal. From textures to paints to doing it up with wires, lights, books, just about anything you can lay your hands upon, can give a dramatic and yet a warm effect to create that much needed work environment. Coworking has already become a big hit in the west with the enormous lack of space around. This has encourage workspace providers there to explore decor options with unique styles. With coworking catching up swiftly in India, we can make the most of our office space by giving a slight if not complete detour to the classic professional look.

Wall decal, coworking spaces
Wall decal at a popular coworking space, Jellyfish Cartel in LA. Picture courtesy www.wired.com

2. A Library Of Sorts

Do up that ladder!
Do up that ladder!

Yes! You read it right. A library but only in parts. Stacking a collection of simple business magazines, news papers and books can add that extra detail to your already done up workspace. Simply use a cabinet, shelf or even just a plank and stack up those information banks atop. To add some spark, paint a wooden ladder in bright strokes and place it against the plank. It is going to be a show stopper – have my word for it!

3. Creative Yet Professional

“Your office reflects your personality”! Therefore, there is no rule book that declares the requisites of an office space.

Betahaus Berlin: DIY desks and hanging sockets. (Photo: Carsten Foertsch & deskmag.com)
Betahaus Berlin: DIY desks and hanging sockets. (Picture Courtesy: Carsten Foertsch & deskmag.com)

Keeping your office space simple and formal or jazzing it up is up to you. Although with the current work environment, coworkers tend to be on a look out for a space that is both warm and welcoming, where they can work in isolation yet also be able to mingle amongst other coworking professionals. Bringing in a wooden flooring with a nested seating or a scattered space setting, colored wall themes or playing around with textures; getting intelligent quotations on cushion covers for a couch or motivational quotes on the meeting room desks. These are just the beginning to the vast realm of options available.

4. Scheduling Office Supplies V/S Stocking

Agreed that we believe in stocking basic necessities in hand rather than struggle in crisis, but sometimes this thought can be challenged. At the least, when we are talking about coworking office spaces. In today’s era of smart buying, space managers can take to online scheduled shopping where in supplies can be scheduled on a monthly basis with a minimal annual fee. Therefore, no more struggling for stretching hours for tasks that can be dealt with much ease. This simple action will reduce a lot of space otherwise used for stocking.

5. Doing It Up With Light

It is a well known fact that lights are one element, that if played with effectively, they can enhance the look of the dullest of spaces. Then why not explore how you can do up your office space or shared desk unit with simple DIY lighting options? Making use of natural sunlight with skylight window if possible can be one great option. There are also many simple DIY solutions to use lights as decorative elements.

Keeping it simple yet elegant as a decorative element.
Keeping it simple yet elegant as a decorative element.
Keeping it simple for the basic use!
Keeping it simple for the basic use!

So these were the few ‘Do It Yourself’ options out of the many out there to spark up your coworking office space. A trend that has already made its mark, coworking is the new ‘in thing’. Make the most of your spare office space, spice it up and let the creative minds use it to ignite awesomeness.

Collaborated information by SNEED – Your workspace partner!

#sneednow #SNEED #IOT #COWORKING #Workspace #ondemandSNEED a work space provider, another innovation in today’s era of creativity meeting technology, is here to assist you with your ideal work space in the location of your choice at the time of your preference. It brings at your service a plethora of ideal meeting rooms, work spaces that are available at the time you prefer while you travel around the city creating innovations!

‘Meeting’ Traffic Woes!

Sneed to avoid traffic woes

Is traffic making you old

When thinking about work, a couple of things come into mind – office, time in hand, travel, distance and a simple flash of a nightmare – ‘Traffic’! Be it six in the morning or ten at night, the traffic woes in our city, Bangalore is at a constant spree, if not increasing randomly. With the hike in the population, commuters seem to take to the road at all hours. While some people prefer to stay at the office awaiting the peak hours to pass, some MNCs have given a ‘go’ for their employees to ‘Work From Home’. Although this might sound appealing for some, for others it is more of struggle to work at a personal space. Here comes to the rescue a small but growing trend called ‘Coworking‘. In simple words, forward thinkers who have idle spaces, convert them into income yielding workspaces or offices that allow professionals seekIng solitude or inspiration for work, do just that – ‘WORK’! Finding isolation in a private office space for that project with a closing deadline or seeking to mingle with some like minded professionals for your Startup journey, these coworking spaces are here to stay.

‘Work’ Smarter Towards Your Success Story

You might think that searching for an ideal workspace or office like that could involve time and travel just as much, not forgetting the costs involved. To that again there is a mastermind giving respite, the makers call it SNEED.

At SNEED you can find your ideal workspace, based on your preferences be it time, facilities, fees or the location you desire.

Believe it or not, but Bangalore has developed into a hub for coworking with many workspaces coming up in and around the city. Choosing the right kind, with the amenities you seek can seem quite a task. SNEED helps you take a breather by bringing in all the ideal workspaces to your palm with just one click. With over 3000 and more desks in over fifty unique locations, SNEED offers the widest choice of spaces available. Be it a Private desk for a couple of days or a Meeting room for a few hours, a training facility for a month or an event space for a day, you have it all placed before you in detail with the budget you demand and the facilities you seek.

Meet all your space needs with SNEED
Meet all your space needs with SNEED

Pointers To Effective Time Management

1. Centralised Location:

Booking a space based on your and your team mates location is the key. With SNEED you can choose not just the office workspace you desire but you can also select the workspace based on the location you seem fit. Use this facility to make the most of time in hand by selecting a workspace within area proximity. Yes, all zones at Bangalore are covered!

2. Carry ‘Only’ The Essentials:

“You expect me to leave behind my portable router?”

“What?! I don’t need to carry the stationary? Awesome!!!”

“I can go to my ‘office’ without carrying my computer… That’s like ‘wow’!”

Indeed, you can and should do all or some of the above as most of these coworking spaces and business centers at SNEED offer these and many more services like internet, stationery, computers on rent, etc., at their disposal.

3. Skip A Meal? No Issues:

At many coworking spaces, there are cafeterias that cater to your various taste buds. So if you have skipped a meal in order to save time, that is no problem at all. Be it coffee, tea or a complete snack pack, they have managed to gather that as well.

These are the few many out of the plenty in the bag of the host – SNEED. So if it is traffic woes that is troubling you or the need to get away in peace to get your imaginations running, SNEED has your back!