Coworking spaces are booming and that is simply because they are more efficient than getting a dedicated office space for rent. While Hyderabad may not be as popular a technical hub as Bangalore, it maintains a respectable number of startups popping up every year. Since funding is one of the major issues for a startup, they tend to gravitate towards coworking spaces since they can get numerous amenities at lower costs.

The reason why Hyderabad is becoming a popular destination for startups is that there are a lot of investors and the presence of companies like IBM and Google in the city does not hurt as well. The startups opt for a coworking space and often face the problem of choice. This is one of the main reasons why there is a need for a list of the best coworking spaces in Hyderabad. It helps make an informed choice and you can choose the shared space that you find to be the best for your needs.

List of Top 5 coworking spaces in Hyderabad


iKeva is one of the most popular choices when it comes to coworking spaces. This is because the company ensures that the elegance of the office space is maintained throughout their spaces.

The company also has a ‘Pay for use’ option, which is quite appealing to the freelancers as well as small startups and it helps having the spaces available in five locations in Hyderabad.

If you are looking to maintain a virtual office for your company, iKeva provides that facility as well so that you can get all your mailing needs to be sorted without having to maintain a proper office.


  • High Speed Internet
  • Dedicated Workspaces
  • Complimentary access to Meeting Rooms with higher plans
  • Reception, Housekeeping, and Security

Types of Spaces available

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Dedicated desks
  • Virtual Offices
  • Serviced Offices
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When it comes to an ideal choice for startup founders and entrepreneurs, HatchStation is a very close contender to the best coworking spaces in Hyderabad. This shared workspace enables the startups with various activities like meet-ups and Hackathons.

HatchStation allows for flexible choices when it comes to selecting the plan that you want. You can either start from a daily pass that or you can opt for a full office if you have a number of employees.

HatchStation also serves snacks and beverages so that you are not distracted from your work with too many breaks. This allows you to concentrate on your work without having to worry about your stomach rumbling for food.


  • Uninterrupted WiFi
  • Printer, scanner
  • Locker facility
  • 24/7 access
  • Beverages and Pantry

Types of Spaces available

  • Flexible seating with a daily pass
  • Dedicated seat
  • Private room for up to 6 people
  • Meeting rooms

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Octo Spaces

Are you looking for a coworking space where you will get the freedom and the tranquility to explore your creative ideas? Octo Spaces in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad may just be the answer to all your problems.

Octo Spaces is the shared office space built keeping in mind that sometimes you need the solitude to bring out the best in your ideas. They have an incubation centre where you can clear the block in your head and come up with the best way to tackle a problem.


  • Mentorship Programs, Incubator Programs, Accelerator Programs
  • High-Speed uninterrupted WiFi
  • Air Conditioned space
  • Printing and Scanning facilities
  • Lounge area to chill with free Coffee and Tea
  • Projector and Xerox machine

Types of Spaces available

  • Hot Desks with Open Seating plans
  • Dedicated Desks
  • Private Office
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CoKarma is one of the most effective coworking spaces in Hyderabad. Having the support of your peers helps you succeed in your endeavours to make a beautiful product. The presence of the like-minded people around you will help you remain updated with the industry and also help build your network.

This coworking company also holds many community programs like mentorship programs that can help you get out of a fix with the help of successful people from the industry. CoKarma also holds pitching events where you can pitch your ideas to investors to get the funding you require for your startup.


  • High Speed WiFi
  • Pitching Events
  • Scanner, Printer, Copier, Projector
  • Mentorship Events
  • Community Lunches and Drinks
  • Events and Workshops
  • Air Conditioned Space

Types of Spaces available

  • Dedicated Desks with Day Passes
  • Private Cabin
  • Conference Room
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Just reading the name, you can be assured that this is one of the most innovative coworking spaces that you can find in Hyderabad. Awfis is one of the classiest places that you can find on this list. The interiors are well-designed and will give you the vibes of working in a large conglomerate.

The office spaces are quite vibrant and they are made to impress anyone who steps on the floor. It is well-equipped with a full pantry, cafeteria, lounge, lockers, and a super-fast internet.

If you have clients coming over, you can request access to a meeting room or a conference room as well and you will not have to worry about parking spaces as well since there is ample parking space available.


  • High Speed Internet
  • Coffee/Tea and snacks
  • In-house Housekeeping and IT support
  • Printing, Scanning, and copying facility
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Stationary and other office supplies

Types of Spaces Available

  • Flexible Seats
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Fixed Seats
  • Cabins
  • Conference Rooms
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Making a choice has never been easier when you have dedicated search engines for coworking spaces. This is one of the many things that makes selecting the best coworking spaces in Hyderabad easier for you. It is important to make an informed choice so that your clients and employees are able to take your business seriously.