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List Your space on SNEED - Frequently Asked Questions

1 . Why should I opt for Sneed?

We carry out a lot of search engine optimisation that increases the chances of visibility of your workspace page on Sneed by many folds. We have over 1500 venues on our platform and have successfully booked over 1,000,000 seat days and counting till date. We are also present in 35 cities across India. Did we mention listing is FREE!

2 . What happens after I decide to list my space?

Becoming our space partner is very simple. You fill up the registration form with the basic details We send you an introductory email asking for your venue details and images We double check your details and get your acknowledgement That’s it! Your workspace is now LIVE on Once we take your venue LIVE, we will send out an email with your login details so you can access and make changes on your page as and when you require. P.s – If you have expressed your desire to get on board with SNEED, but haven’t heard from us, don’t panic. It simply means we are reviewing your request and will get in touch with you soon.

3 . Do you charge any fee to list a space?

No, listing on Sneed is absolutely free. There is no subscription or registration fee of any sort.

4 . What type of spaces can be listed n SNEED?

You may list with us if you have workspace to offer that fits in any category such as co-working, shared office, meeting room, training facility, business center, cafe, hotel or un-utilised space to offer.

5 . Who are some of your space partners?

We have over 1000 venues that are already listed with us on our platform and we keep adding new ones every day. However, Awfis, WeWork, Cowrks, Easy Daftar, One Co.Work, BHive Workspaces, Go Hive and Innov8 are some of our coveted space partners.

6 . What type of clients can I expect from SNEED?

Everyone from a student to a freelancer, a startup to a corporate can be a Sneed user. We enjoy a huge client base and loyal users, who keep coming back to us to help solve their workspace requirements.

7 . Who are some of your notable users (clients)?

We have booked over 1 million seat days already and are in process of converting more. NDTV, Ola, Staples, Wipro, Food Panda, Big Basket, Decathlon and Volvo are a part of our awesome family of clients.

8 . How does Sneed earn? What is the payment procedure on SNEED?

We earn when you earn. Listing on our website is free of any charges. However, we need to keep our engines running as well so we do levy a small charges on all successful transactions referred by us. Users have the right to book workspaces on SNEED and have the amount paid directly at the premises. The choice of payment (Online or cash at the premises) is that of the User.

9 . Who raises the invoice in case of online transactions?

On successful online payment, Sneed and its payment gateway(s) acknowledge that the payment has been successfully concluded. Such acknowledgements merely confirm payment of money and not provision of the services. Invoice can ONLY be raised by the Space partner in whose premises the booking is confirmed. As per the agreement with payment gateway provider, the funds are transferred to SNEED as per the payment cycle.

10 . Is uploading photos of my workspace necessary?

Yes, uploading images of the interiors and exteriors of your venue helps the users to get better acquainted with your workspace. A visual representation makes it easier for the users to imagine what they are signing up for without having to visit the workspace in person and can help them make an informed decision. The age-old phrase “A picture speaks a thousand words’ holds true here.

11 . How do I know that my workspace is LIVE on SNEED?

Once we have reviewed all the information supplied by you and received the signed commercial document from your end. We take your space LIVE. Do not worry the entire process of taking the page LIVE usually takes around 2 business days at the most! We are as eager as you to see your page go LIVE. We will intimate you via email once your space is LIVE on our platform.

12 . What happens when a User cancels the booking on my workspace?

Despite all the precautions taken by us, if the user still happens to cancel your workspace booking, we will adhere to your workspace’s cancellation policy.

13 . What happens in case of no shows/ or if the user stops using the space before his tenure is up?

We earn when you earn! In situations such as these, we either refund the amount charged or adjust it against other ongoing leads. We also help with rescheduling a booking if the user opts for it.

14 . What happens if a user causes damage to my workspace?

The user we bring to you can usually be trusted. However, if such an instance were to take place then Sneed holds no responsibility. The terms stated in the agreement signed between the user and the space partner will be binding.

15 . There is no Sneed office in my city. Can I still register?

Yes, of-course, everyone is welcome to list their workspace on Sneed. All listings are carried out online so the physical presence of our office in your city/town is not needed. if there is any inquiry, we can send it your way, it will also help us to reach your city much faster. We are presently operational in Bangalore.

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