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Benefits of Customized Managed Office Space

Managed Office Space or Serviced offices are empty office spaces that can be customized as per the requirement and aesthetics of the corporates without signing a property lease, investing in the infrastructure or even taking care of the everyday operations of the office. Corporates can pay for fully furnished office spaces for the duration for which they use them, with flexibility to resize if the team size changes. A specific custom designed offices a 1-3 month fit out period maybe required in some cases along with a pre-defined lock in period with a penalty clause in case of early termination. Day to day office functions like housekeeping, security, and maintenance are included and taken care of in the service fee. Traditional office spaces are slowly becoming a thing of the past!

Customized Office
2000 sq ft
Build to suit office
5000 sq ft

Traditional Leases vs Managed Office

FeaturesTraditional LeasesManaged Office
Ready to useCustomized Office
Lease period & Lock in clauseLeases are typically signed for 3 years with extension clause for further 3+3 years. Lock in periods are typically for the first term of the leaseLeases are typically signed for 3 years with extension clause for further 3+3 years. Lock in periods are typically for the first term of the leaseGiven that investments are made by the space partner on the design approved by the clients, lock in period of 2-3 years may apply
Investment in Office Build out100% investment By the User.Zero Investment by User.Zero Investment by User.
Rental DepositsVaries by city – In Bangalore it is 10 months of rentalAbout 2-3 months of the service chargesWill vary by the deal, could be up to 10 months on certain deals.
Responsibility of MaintenanceTo be undertaken by the UserMaintenance undertaken by the space partnerMaintenance undertaken by the space partner
Utility CostTo be paid by the UserCosts included in the service price.Costs included in the service price.
Best suited forPractically None, unless you feel your money is best invested in office space and rental deposits or of course when you own the land !!Business that are growing at a fast pace and will eventually move into a separate office. Until then, make best use of your resources!All large corporates who want to have the individuality and design element and yet not want to utilize your cash and staff resources towards managing it.
Overall Cost forEst Monthly Cost / seat ₹ 12700*Est Monthly Cost / Seat ₹ 9700*(save 25%)Est Monthly Cost / Seat ₹ 11000*(save 25%)
How does Sneed helpSorry, we don’t believe in this model anymore.Sneed has over 2 Lakh + seats (and growing everyday) listed on its platform. Choose by location, filter per your choice and pick the office that you like.Sneed will dedicate a deal executive to understand your requirement and connect you to our approved list of space partners who can build these offices for you.

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