Virtual Offices services in India

Virtual Offices services in India Conventional thinking is that every business needs an office. The office is where people gather. From a legal point of view, it is where the company resides. Advancement in technology has enabled people to work from anywhere in the world. Virtual teams are the order of the day. The purpose … Read more

IRCTC Portal The Indian Railway Search Engine

IRCTC Portal mainly provides the facility of travel of Indian Railways for all persons so that all persons coming to India and India can travel in Indian Railways with safety. To travel in the train you have to book the ticket through IRCTC Portal. is needed so that you will be able to go from … Read more

Legal Requirements for starting a Coworking space

Creating a new co-working space seems like a very easy business to start — a prominent real estate, some contemporary furnishing, an active community and you have a winner, right? Well, pause your thought and step back and think what are the legal requirement one needs to comply with. The Building Laws relating to real estate differ … Read more