Comprehensive Remote Workspace Solution

What is remote X

A unique offering designed for corporates looking to mitigate risks in the days following the lifting of the lockdown.

The way the world works is going to change post Covid-19. And we need to be prepared for that . Technology has ensured that we can work remotely. However, there is no replacement to teams working together and yet working from a single location again increases the risk of an entire team or the company going into lockdown. We need innovative solutions to manage the workforce deployment.

remoteX is an integrated solution that includes identification, booking, vendor management, and billing of ready to use workspaces that can be used as remote offices. remoteX uses Sneed’s proprietary solution engine to identify workspaces based on your requirements. Instant sign up with Sneed allows customers to access any of the workspaces of their choice and are billed for dedicated seats only.

1. Understanding the User requirement

Fill up the form and we shall contact you to understand your workspace requirements. Typically we begin with understanding the spread of your workforce across the city and the criticality of each operation to determine the number of seats you need. We also understand the purpose of use, duration, budget and flexibility requirements that help us build our model.

2. Shortlisting and Finalizing your portfolio of workspaces

Our proprietary workspace search engine will identify the potential workspaces that fit the requirement. Along with the terms of use, we provide you insights that will help you choose from these options and make quick decisions.

You can choose multiple workspaces across the city, specify the numbers of dedicated seats at each of them and the duration thereof. We create a unique solution based on your requirements

3. Single Sign up with Sneed

Irrespective of the size of your portfolio, all you need is a single master sign up with sneed. We handle the relationship for you. No messy paperwork or multiple vendor onboarding. We know this is urgent, so it ought to be simple. You will have a dedicated relationship manager who will handle all your queries and specifications.

Sneed will issue a single GST compliant invoice for the workspaces and will handle all financial matters.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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