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Lad Workspaces



8 Reviews



Tnya rathi

8 months ago

Very good place to work at. Ver spacious. Very comfortable


pranjal choudhury

11 months ago

Very Disappointed with the quality of the chair. I had ordered the chair 09 around a month ago. Within few hours of use, I felt its slightly tilted on the right side which was putting strain on my back and was getting uncomfortable for me. After repeated request , LAD workspaces agreed to replace the chair. However they replaced only the upper seat and not the base. I really hoped this time i would be able to use it comfortably. But this time it started showing up other issues which is even more irritating. It started making squeaking sound just after 2 days of use. Also, the seat back and head rest are not stable and tend to get further back even in the erect position. I called LAD workspaces to get this rectified as this was not even a month that i bought the chair. But unfortunately i have stopped getting any further response from them. So once they sell off they hardly care. Ridiculously they offer service only for 2 days at home and thereafter they would expect you to bring the chair all the way to their store for any issue. If you have a smaller car then you may need to rent a tempo for this purpose. I wanted to give this feedback to all new buyers who are looking to buy a chair, that there are some intrinsic design flaws in the chairs made by this company. It looks nice in pictures and even when you see it physically, but you will only experience the issues after few days of use. So beware ! I am looking for an alternate chair now as its too risky to compromise with your back support . Its better to spend couple of thousands more and buy from a reputed manufacturer rather than buying from these small time startups and then repent later. Choice is yours !!



1 year ago

Lad workspaces chairs I ordered,Model LADCHAIR 0002 it's just fantastic.Arrived in 3 days in between the stressful work i feel very relax because of this chair Thank you "LAD TEAM"


nagaveni veni

1 year ago

Good workplace in Bellandur area.. With good amenities.. Very less price easy to work


subha btech

1 year ago

Managing an office space for a startup is a big challenge. Rent a desk has done a great job in providing us with an excellent working space without having to face any challenges. Really happy with their support and maintenance team for their consistent efforts to provide us the best experince

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