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Bootstart Koregaon Park

Koregaon Park


6 Reviews




Hanmant Biradar

1 year ago

Nice and silent co-working space in Koregaon park and around area. We can also use it for our weekly training events.


Jay Thaker

2 years ago

If you're a budding startup and want a pocket friendly "coworking space" that not only gives you top-quality facilities but also offers immense flexibility, look no further. I brought the sumHR team here in Oct 2018 when we were 14 members, and we grew to 30 in a matter of 8 months without any worry about space constraints. They Bootstart team had been very accommodating from day 1. The ambience on the floor is vibrant, friendly, and productive.


Rupesh Zende

2 years ago

Bootstart is one of the best coworking spaces in Pune I've come across. The place is really awesome to work with clean surroundings and good coffee. I loved the atmosphere and especially the games & entertainment. :-) Great works Bootstart & AJ you rocks buddy.


Snehal Sawant

2 years ago

Superb co-working place to work with great amenities, infrastructure, affordable price for small startups. Location is wow! The other co-working companies has best bunch of people. Enjoyed working.

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