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InCubes - Brookefield



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2 years ago

This place saved me a lot of money. My internet broke when I needed it the most and no other co working space would accommodate me for a day starting as early as 7am. Don't go in expecting an indoor fountain but expect to have the facilities to get your work done. The prices are dirt cheap too. I was expecting 1000 but it was only 250.


Sidharth Anil

2 years ago

Excellent service. Due to poor internet connection in my hotel, I was not able to complete my task, and I came here looking for high speed internet connectivity. I was extremely satisfied with the transfer speed available in this facility and also surprised by the way I was guided here. The hospitality is superb. It's been after a long I felt like giving a good review to an establishment. Excellent service guaranteed.


Abhishek Shinde

2 years ago

Using Incbes - cowarking space for last 2 years. Property is well managed by Radhika (Owner herself). The users can select between ac, non ac office options as well as dedicated offices vs openspace as pwer your requirements.


Vivek Gupta

2 years ago

Awesome co-working space, especially for mid-budget needs. Well-ventilated, clean, well furnished and good internet for regular start-up needs. Very co-operative and supportive management team. Very convenient location for support services. Highly recommended for early stage start-ups!!

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