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Sky Space Premium Coworking Space

Vijay Nagar


5 Reviews




zed mev

10 months ago

Confused place not able to search quickly


Bhoomika Sisodiya

1 year ago

Sky space is one of the best coworking spaces in Indore.


Durga Balani

1 year ago

False promises - we were told cabin will be available after 15th August and till then we can use a temporary desk. it wasnt ready even till 3rd October, so we decided to leave. why lie? Services - Poor Services. their main focus is getting clients on board. after that - who cares. some of our issues were ignored with a remark - "You're the only client having issue, so we cant help" Some other co-workers had the same issue and it was resloved. Being Partial. Apparantely you have to butter up with the executives of Skyspace to get things done. (Sounds to me like a govt. offc) Admins are too rigid. no flexibility of agreement or payment. it felt like DEALING with INDIAN GOVERNMENT OFFICE. so many formalities just to get temporary office with them, its absurd. They had the audacity to call an already established business and its employees "Fraud" Who calls their customers a Fraud? Rules laid down only for US, like ask permission to use Sticky Notes in Office. As permission to talk to other Co-Workers. Ask Permission to use conference room etc. Others were not introduced to such rules like our firm Owner doesnt care about the business, people who run the business dont care about the resources. hence lots of electricity is wasted. Very careless staff.


Indo Thai Securities Ltd

1 year ago

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