Coworking Spaces for Startups

What is a Coworking Space?

There are lot of companies out there that are too large to work from space in house and there are some companies which are small to own a new office space. Coworking is here to bridge this gap. Companies get the access to perfect workspace customized according to their needs by being members of coworking. This has become very popular all over the world and gives opportunities to start-up in an affordable range. Traditional expenses incurred on setting up a new office space can now be smartly reduced to a great extent with the help of coworking spaces.


Who should you choose a Coworking Space?

Though everyone can grab this opportunity, it is mainly utilized by start-up compa4nies. Along with the wide range of start-ups, this service is also demanded by freelancers. Freelancers opt for coworking spaces as they get working privacy and scheduled working hours. Instead of working at home, freelancers will have the feel of working with community and enjoy a work-life balance. This concept is also working very well for small organizations across the world. It is said that there is increase in productivity when a workspace is allocated and the working hours can be used to the utmost with high level of concentration.

Why should Start-ups Co-work?

Among all other type of coworking service users, the most benefited ones are start-ups. Apart from getting a flexible working space, these are less costly than owning or leasing an office space. Location commitment is also low, anytime they decide to move to a different location, these start-ups can move and adapt easily to a new co working space with less efforts. This also creates a platform to mingle with workers of other organisations and can add benefits to the learning curve.

Features and Benefits

By having shared office space, you will be able to reduce a lot of cost on owning or leasing a space to set up an office. Whether it is to own, lease or rent how expenses or capital investment will have to be incurred by the firm and this will not be feasible especially in the initial period of setting up a business. Most of the companies will think of cost cutting strategies which will affect the employers in the organization, however coworking space strategy will actually boost the morale of the employees and could also help in increased productivity.

Different coworking spaces will offer different types of amenities. While some offer free Wi-Fi connections, others will offer seminar, meeting rooms and guest rooms. Apart from these some of the common amenities enjoyed by utilizing coworking spaces are coffee machines, snacks vending machines, printers, scanners, air-conditioning and so on. Though there will be cost within the membership package for these, it will be in a more affordable range.

The concern with most of the small organizations, start-ups and freelancers is getting the flexibility of moving to different places according to their business needs. This can be made possible by utilizing a co working space for all office requirements. Relocation will be easier and there is less commitment to stick to the office space. There is no advance payments required as in the case of renting an office space. Plus you can have the advantage of choosing the date and time of when you want to move.

You can register as a member with co working spaces on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Based on the tenure of your membership offers, discounts and access to amenities will be decided. Of course, the membership cost can be negotiated and pick the best membership plan that suits your needs. Apart from these there is drop-in pass as well. Suppose the owner of the start-up does not visit the company every day, he/ she can make use of drop-in pass and access to the coworking space for the particular day. This will help in saving money on few head counts.

Having professional space for client meetings and guest interactions will add to the professionalism of the business and this will come to help especially if it is a new business which is looking to grab customers/ clients. BY creating right impression in the mind of these people, you will be able to easily sail through your business.

Whether it is to start a new business or expansion of the existing business, if you can reduce cost incurable on the office space it will be the wisest decision. And co working spaces is an opportunity where you can reduce office space cost with compromising on the quality services to be offered.

By having sufficient privacy to your business you can still work among the community and get to interact with people of various industries. At times when it comes to additional facility requirements, the community you belong to will be able to assist you within the coworking office space.


It is believed that great spaces will generate great ideas, thus it is up to each business owner to offer best working environment to its workers. Here are some of the benefits of using coworking spaces for everyday office uses.

Business Centres

Instead of looking for an office space for rent, this is the time where business centres are looking for coworking space. Start-ups and small organizations are making use of this facility to build their business to the next level.

Cafe Spaces

It is possible to grab more business when you have a community around you, café spaces and eateries make use of coworking spaces to set up their business. This will help in attracting readily available customers within the boundary. Not just new cafes, quite a lot of popular cafes and eateries are making use of coworking spaces to get regular customers.

Hotel Spaces

Just like eateries and café shops, restaurants will try to grab spaces where people come to work, this will help in having regular customers and the cost for the hotel spaces will be less as compared to leasing and renting.

Corporate Spaces

Just like small organizations, corporate are exploring coworking space opportunity to reduce their office space cost (rent or lease). The huge rent or lease agreements in Business Park are affecting their profit margin and thus have started to look for opportunities such as coworking spaces.


Various institutions find coworking spaces more professionally equipped place for setting up their business and it is in fact helping them to attract clients easily. By making themselves available in popular locations within the city, accessibility for employees and clients will be easy and thus there will be increase in business performance.

Open Desks

In order to have high productivity and better connectivity among peers, open desk concept is widely in demand. Coworking spaces understands this demand and is offering open desks for businesses and professionals instead of cubicle facilities. Open desks are more affordable instead of cubicle spaces and can accommodate more desks within the given space.

Private Room

For different types of client requirementsprivate cabins are offered, thus there will be privacy to discuss confidential business matters without any distractions. Theseprivate cabins will offer a relaxed environment, peaceful ambiance as compared to open desks and within community coworking spaces.

Meeting Room

Based on the coworking space you decide to choose there will be various types of meeting room. Small, large audience capacity, VC meeting rooms, External client meeting rooms and so on. Real time availability is available in some coworking spaces and these rooms can be booked through their internal meeting room booking tools.

Training Facility

In order to facilitate training, organizations make use of these coworking spaces and they either choose for a drop-in pass or pre-booked training rooms, seminar halls. Additional support of relax areas, eateries and restaurants are made available for those who are attending these trainings.

Event Spaces

Corporate and organizations will have various events to be organized during the course of business; these can be done with the coworking spaces where they would have made provision for events. Based on the business requirements, find the best coworking space that offers all required facilities.

There are lot more advantages of coworking and you will be able to enjoy them as you start being a part of it. There is no doubt that this concept is growing all over the world. Small and big businesses are grabbing this opportunity to make the most from their business. Co-working spaces are customized according to your business needs. As per requirements you can reduce or increase the number of desks and the membership fees will accordingly vary. Take the first step now and enjoy the benefits as early as possible.

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